“美好童年,永恒印記”—永恒寶貝幼兒園周年慶典 A wonderful childhood, eternal impressions, Just Kids Kindergarten Anniversary Celebration

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June, is the cradle of dreams, its the most beautiful childhood; June, like the sunshine of childhood, our eternal impressions. On June 1st, on this wonderful and special day, Just Kids kindergarten held the "happy childhood, eternal impression" anniversary celebration and June 1st special performance in the "hibiscus hall" of the convention and exhibition center. On the day of the activity, all the teachers and students, parents, and friends of the kindergarten came on stage to celebrate the children's festival together. It is also a celebration of Just Kids Kindergartens upcoming first birthday.





As you walked into the assembly hall, one could see balloons, and neatly arranged tables and chairs which gave it a simple but elegant feel. There were exquisite cakes, children's favorite clowns, on-site interactions, gift giving, and the colleagues of the children's photo club took family photos as presents for the families who attended, capturing the warm and unique moments and happy smiles.



活動開始Activities began


Look! counting down the numbers on the big screen, the exciting moment was about to begin! All of a sudden, the big screen turned red, and sound of drums could be heard. The atmosphere of the audience increased with the sound of the opening program “drum dance”.




教師代表《鼓上舞》Teacher representative "drum dance"

致辭與贈禮Speeches and gifts


During the kindergartens first year, we needed the guidance of our principals, and the care and help from the leaders of Winhand group and its subsidiaries. Therefore, with the help of this special day, Just Kids kindergarten invited the vice President of Winhand group, who also had a few words to say. During the speech, the kindergarten received a surprise -- the vice president gave 200,000 yuan to the kindergarten for teaching materials and toys. To provide a financial guarantee for the enrichment of the educational resources of the kindergarten, so that every step into the future will be more stable.



Just Kids kindergarten is a place where dragons hide and tigers crouch. It is also a warm place. In order to help new students better adapt to the kindergarten, we have prepared a special gift for them.

園長媽媽致辭The principal made a speech


集團領導致辭Speech by group leader


JK1C的小朋友獻禮To the children of JK1C



親子節目Parents show


Every child is a little angel to its father and mother, and their growth is dependant on the parents love and guidance. During the annual children's festival, mom and dad spend more time with their lovely little angel to celebrate the wonders of childhood happily together! Let's have a look at the warm and loving parent-child program!

JK1A《摩登天使》JK1A modern angel



JK1B《動物王國》JK1B animal kingdom




JK2C《感知成長的神奇》JK2C the magic of perceived growth




JK2E 《最美的光》JK2E the most beautiful light





Children may hold the same picture book for a week and ask the adults to read the story many times, or even pester their mothers to tell them the same bedtime story for a month. This is their love for stories, and one of the characteristics of their age. Just Kids kindergartens’ children relive the stories from the books in a vivid performance, and also the children watching never get tired of watching it!

JK3A《白雪公主與七個小矮人》JK3A Snow White and the seven dwarfs




JK2E《不上你的當》JK2E: not falling for your bait




JK2A《小蝌蚪找媽媽》JK2A little tadpole looking for his mother




歌舞表演Singing and dancing


SHH, let us feel the English rhythm and carefully listen to the song, let the "China baby" melody resonate in our minds.

JK2A The Hockey Pokey Shake




JK3A《中國娃》JK3A "China baby"



茶藝表演Tea art performance


Chinese tea culture is extensive and profound, with a long history. Tea Art is one of the traditions in Chinese culture. Tea art performance is a form of expression of tea culture. Let's enjoy the beauty of ancient Chinese Tea Art together.

JK3C《小茶人之中國夢》JK3C "the little tea man's Chinese dream"




才藝班展示Talent show


The cool hip-hop dance, the steady powerful African drums and unique costumes make them the envy of the audience. Let's have a look.

街舞才藝班《Rhythm ta》Rhythm ta hip-hop class






集體獻唱《生日快樂》與謝幕Group performance "happy birthday" and curtain call

 一年的時間,嬰兒已經開始蹣跚學步、牙牙學語。一年的時間,我們永恒寶貝幼兒園也在一天天地成長,一點點地綻放。在這個屬于我們的節日里,我們即將迎來幼兒園一周歲的生日。讓我們一起為我們的生日慶祝,喝彩!祝幼兒園生日快樂!Happy birthday!

Within one year, babies begin to crawl and babble. Within one year, the children of our Kindergarten are also growing day by day, blooming little by little. This holiday belongs to us, as we are celebrating the kindergarten’s first birthday. Let's dance and sing together! Happy birthday!



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